Currently working on

Soft-circuits Armband to use with phone: In development with a product designer Kalamun Nehar. No brand name yet.

Figment - Ethical Fashion brand design led edgy artisanal textile focused wearable silhouettes working with Chelsea College textile designer Farzana Yusuf based in Bangladesh. 

360 Events Film Company - ideation and business development.

Other ideas

Bentoto - Packed style anywhere. Brand name came from Bento + Toto (Dorothy's travelling companion). Style boutique marketplace aligned with travel, culturally appropriate clothes advice. Market research showed a rise in female travel especially in groups and a need in female advice site on travel clothes. Bentoto would present highly curated global boutiques where you can order clothes ahead of the travel and pick at the location - particularly aimed at longer trips. Still developing the idea as it seems it might cost a lot of money.  

Bubble-N-street - peer to peer global trend research from the nooks and crannies of (fashion) culture. The brand name idea came from the unpretentious bubble-n-squeak I saw on a cafe notice board and bubble up theory of street trends. Still interested in futurology, trend spotting, so my twitter account is @bubbleNstreet

Field-Trip - art science curation services while I was searching for interesting things to do with my time. On paper seemed like my vocation. I organised a Goldsmiths Thursday Club annual talk at the Centre for Creative Collaboration with well known art science artists with the best attendance of all the meetups. Still interested but realised I wanted to create and be the artist as well as curate. It increased my network and discourse about what's possible within this field.

Sloane-Stranger - Interior design consultancy idea after being involved in and living through 8 house renovations. Still find interior and architecture research interesting and also looking for the next renovation.