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Bushra Burge Founder 

Bushra Burge Founder 

Bushra Burge Studio provides creative solutions and consultancy through innovative ideas and futuristic narratives. The studio has conceptualised and created a number of engaging experiential prototypes and installations for commercial and artistic use. 

Bushra Burge is a proven polymath. Her most recent work has creatively used emerging technology such as VR within wearable technology and multi-sensory experiences. Her career started 20 years ago as a software engineer within financial data, including the very first pioneering corporate e-commerce sites. Since then she has also had successful careers in sustainable fashion, academia and wearable technology. Her multidisciplinary curiosity has led her to degrees in science and design from Imperial College, London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. This has not only given her a unique agility and insider knowledge to connect dots for emerging trends, new ideas and problem-solving but has also allowed her to establish high calibre resource and networks from within a number of industries. 

She is also a speaker, workshop facilitator and an international exhibiting interactive and visual artist.


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