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VR Haptic The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Seeing touch. This jacket is one of 2 which move in relation to a 360 animation (to be completed) about Hokusai's Great Wave. The gliding and moving across the body of the garment like the brush movement of the artist allows for a subtle soft touch.


The VR aspects are being developed alongside in Unity. 






The Great Wave 

Twisted contorted around us pulling in directions we have swam away from decades ago. They say until you have conquered, it will keep coming back. And here it is again pulling you under but you are stronger now but now time is accelerating away. You have less of of it.

A menacing claw pulls at you and you cower, pulse racing jarringly out of time with the ebb and flow, you don’t want to look.

Look just look …

A tidal darkness frothing, swelling, bigger towards you.

It’s just a shadow you whisper arrogantly.

Exquisite in its deadly glare, you reach out desperately. It crashes piercing salt into your eyes. It assaults as though you are invisible, you probably never existed.

Broken rainbows skim the surface vapour.

You know you have to fight but it is not one of aggression, it is a dance, a control of inside stillness versus the din outside.

A surrender to survive.


Idea Development

Drawing movements to design the immersive VR haptic wearable story.



Virtual Painting

Experiments with VR waves and haptic dresses.  

I have VR painted different wave variations (not like I am addicted to VR painting or is it just painting) with and without wearing my haptic jacket to see if it affects the visual outcome. 

Developing the experience using Unity

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.06.50.png