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Interactive Product SOS


Undisruptive interactive product idea to trigger memories.

S-O-S .. a cry for help to reclaim the Sense-of-Self

This project used embedded triggers in personal objects to upload personal videos via blue tooth. The reader of the triggers was further embedded in an old Bush radio used as a jewellery box.

"The connection with the immersive feelings of 'self' illicited by accessing memories reinforces personhood and identity.There are times when this may have been temporarily fragmented due to number of factors such as change and stress. Anecdotally it is well established that emotional memories and other self-referential activities can be triggered powerfully by music."Music is such a sought-after stimulus," says Petr Janata (Associate Professor at University of California Davis in the Psychology Department and Center for Mind and Brain). 

"It's not necessary for human survival, yet something inside us craves it". My aim is to create a pre-emptive tool to help therapists who work with this group. The big idea is to realise a digital memory scrapbook with related non-pharmacological triggers such as smell, touch and music accessed via digital passports or related personal objects. "

MA in Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins, Distinction

Coding by the TheHypnotist. Help and feedback during the research.

Full Research Journal http://www.bushra.biz/s-o-s/

S-O-S Instruction Video

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Mo Ijiehin, Cassius Ijiehin age 6, Solomon Olufemi Ijiehin 85

My friend Mo is a busy mother of 2 little ones working in the city living in watford with her lovely husband Ben. I met her on a fateful RPG programming course pre Y2K. Since then she forged a career in the city, whereas I touched on a career in the city and left it to do stuff like this. Anyway I knew Mo would be busy but  the amount of effort it took for me to organise this was just not even funny. I think I did not explain the project properly to her, and there seemed to be barriers.

Finally the day of the filming came, and she was over an hour late. There seemed to be a scary anticipation about ‘filming’ and a misunderstanding about the times. I really felt she just didn’t want to do it.

Then when we started and she really got into it and started filming with her own iphone. Her mindset about video documenting broke down, as she saw how easy and quick it was. It was interesting to observe how my friend’s son seem to think he needed to learn lines rather than just spontaneously talk. It was actually really funny because he kept forgetting the ‘lines’ and giggling.

Moreover her father had rehearsed the Kukoburra song and his eyes just lit up every time he sang it.