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Interactive Jewellery SOS

Memory jewellery based on my MA Applied Imagination CSM 2011.

This collection wanted to take the idea of the found organic object holding the memory. 

This jewellery has embraced new technology currently used for functional purposes and has developed and marketed it in a completely different way. We embed technology so the effect is magical rather than technological. The first range of products use NFC technology to trigger a gift video with a piece of recycled or 3-D printed versions of found objects such as fossils as jewellery. 

The website will allow the customer to choose an item of jewellery from a traditional e-shop and then upload a video (or capture and upload or attach a video already uploaded) to the piece of jewellery. Or the customer will be able to receive the jewellery and on first scan be able to upload a video and it will automatically connect to the piece of jewellery. 

The person who receives the gift will be able to scan the piece of jewellery and their phone will be directed to the related video (with the brand banner and a message in text underneath) on a webpage as the demo shows. This aspect has been coded and works.The video can be watched every time the item is rescanned. The video can also be changed by the sender. 

Sense-of-Self Jewellery

Working prototype: Mobile optimised shop with cloud database for user content / videos related to found object jewellery with embedded technology (using NFC tags) triggering video challenging the view of the perceived digital object.

Bushra Burge, Sense-of-Self Jewellery and website for user controlled data, technology (by TheHypnotist) and jewellery, 2013


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