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Sci-fi London Hackstock 17 Workshop

Sci-faction Fashion Workshop May 17


Science Faction Fashion Workshop



Part of Hackstock Beyond, London Sci-Fi. Thank you Farid Akmal for helping and the artists Andy Lomas and Oskar Krajewski dropping in to talk about their extraordinary work. Most of all thank you so much for the brilliant students Kalamun Nehar, Sarah Batho, Behnaz Jabarooty, Morokoth Fournier des Corats, Aminur Rahman, Tazeema Anum, Mark Bean, Sean Prickimage who threw themselves into it and came up with interesting creative solutions and were so much fun.    

Future Scenario 1 

In this future, due to the effects of global warming and the rising of sea levels, geographic landscapes have been drastically reshaped (whether naturally or constructed) and thus the communities that live within proximity of the new coastal areas. Design a wearable that would reflect what members of these societies would now wear that reflects aspects in terms of culture, belief systems, and/or adaptability.

Kalamun Nehar, artist

Sarah Batho, lecturer 

Behnaz Jabarooty, Product Designer

Future Scenario 2

“A device that can read people’s minds by detecting their brainwaves has been developed in a breakthrough that could eventually enable people with “locked-in syndrome” to communicate.

The system was only partially effective with a 90 per cent success rate when trying to recognise numbers from zero to nine and a 61 per cent rate for single syllables in Japanese, the researchers said.

But, nonetheless, a statement about the research issued by the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan said it showed that an effective device to read people’s thoughts and relay them to others was possible in the “near future”.”

It is now decades into the future and data technology has advanced well into the levels of quantum computing and technology’s ability to store data.  This allows for new developments to be made in the medical sector, particularly in the treatment of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Design a wearable that reflects on how this new form of therapy would help treat or even combat the damages of such diseases.

Morokoth Fournier Des Corats, artist

Aminur Rahman, software developer

Tazeema Anum, business consultant 

Future Scenario 3 

Far into the future, society has now evolved where one’s biological body can now be considered an asset. To many members of society, what could be harvested from their own bodies is a normal means of providing an income. Organs, blood, tissue, hormones, all part of a trade that is legitimized by most governments. Design a wearable that would reflect this new currency and the society that relies on it as an economy.

Mark Bean, creative technologist

Sean Prickimage, artist using projection mapping 

Farid Akmal joined me in running the workshop