Bushra Burge
curiosity driven problem solver


Sci-Fi London #HACKSTOCK: BEYOND 2017 Alienascent - the humans


Friday 5th May and Saturday 6th May 11am - 5pm

ALIENASCENT -  I will be collecting your experiences of awe and wonder as research for my new science faction fashion story Alienascent ... investigating the dislocating spiritual experience of going to space. 

Alienascent Hackathon to be confirmed.

DARK MATTER DARK ENERGY V2.1 - Drop-in sci-fi wear neon drawing taking inspiration from Dark Matter Dark Energy expanding and contracting universe garment including trying out new haptic communication piece.

Friday 5th May : I will also be speaking at the Talkeoke.


#Hackstock was born out of Digital Shoreditch to celebrate the 'HACKERS' film in 2015. It was the worlds first live VR music experience bringing together communities from VR, 3D printing and other various immersive arts. It partnered with SCI-FI-LONDON in 2016 to bring in different communities to embrace what science fiction and psychedelia can bring to new technologies.