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Burge & Prucha | Xpollination

Burge & Prucha Xpollination


Digital Couture Flower Installation and Campaign

Client : Sarah Ferrugia & Co | The Kings Road Chelsea


Official Press Release

Working with creative designers Bushra Burge and Milan Prucha we present a digital mannequin that blurs the worlds of technology and fashion. As Xpollination stands in the windows of fashion forward King's Road boutique Leggera Nell'Aria looking out on the world she reflects our fascination with culture and the passing visual scenery. Flowers morph out of cultural moments generated by Punks, Mods and Sloanes to share in the King's Road mood.

As the weeks progress Xpollination will become interactive and all those sharing King's Road will be able to make friends with her in a thoroughly modern way.

Part of Chelsea Fringe during the Chelsea Flower Show and after.

On every day 10-6 (Sunday 12-5)

22nd May to 4th June | Leggera Nell'Aria, 328 King's Road London SW3 5UH


With Sarah Ferrugia & Co, Burge & Prucha came up with a concept to showcase the individuality of the King's Road as an iconic place of expression. In an increasingly homogenised high street landscape, the King’s Road has managed to retain it’s unique and exciting personality giving shoppers a fantastic choice of fashion from boutiques to big brands to designer charity shops. This is a reflection of its rich heritage enviably a hotspot for talent such as fashion pioneer and activist Vivienne Westwood. The street allows cross pollination of fashion genres empowering women to create their individual style. 

The campaign is in 2 parts. The first part was to create hand crafted flowers to be projected onto a hand crafted dress using luxury fabric which could showcase the flowers. The flowers were to be developed and designed according to different fashion styles which have a strong association with the King's Road : Mod, Punk, Sloane. 

The second part (to go live later on in the campaign) is for the application to create a unique flower in a chosen fashion genre triggered by tweets to @KingsRoadLDN with #Mod, #Punk or #Sloane with a selfie (or without). This unique flower would be tweeted back and also appear on the dress. 



The Dress

Flowers and Fashion 

Vivienne Westwood had a shop on 430 King’s Road. 1971 : Let it Rock at Teddy Boy 1972 : Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die - Skull & Crossbones branding biker clothing, zips and leather, provocative Tees 1974 :  Sex ‘rubberwear for the office’. 1976 : Seditionaires transforming the straps and zips of obscure sexual fetishism into fashion and inspiring a D.I.Y. aesthetic. The media called it ‘Punk Rock’. http://www.viviennewestwood.com/en-gb/history/430-kings-road

Female Sloanes, especially those involved in equestrian activities, were often seen in the 1970s around London wearing Hermès or Liberty silk head scarves distinctively tied just below the mouth, masking part of the face, which furthered the "Lone Ranger" jest.

Mary Quant opened Bazaar, a boutique on the King's Road, in 1955 at a time when 'fashion wasn't designed for young people'. Quant was influenced by Chelsea beatniks and dance outfits she remembered from childhood. Famed for popularising, if not inventing, the mini skirt, her clothes were made up of simple shapes combined with strong colours. http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/m/mary-quant/

The Tech 

Milan Prucha created the interactive animation using Unity. There was quite a lot of manipulation and development of flower ideas and also which hastags to search for. To maintain quality we are moderating user content before creating the flowers.