Bushra Burge
curiosity driven problem solver

Awards, Speaking, Consultancy


Speaking Engagements,



November 2016 Art Finalist, New European Media Summit 2016, Porto

Exhibition and speaking engagement at an annual summit of pioneering European digital projects.


Demonstrations and Speaking Engagements 


January 2017 Body Hacking Conference, Austin, Texas


January 27th  6pm - 9pm : Put Together: A bodyhacking fashion show


January 29th 11:30 am - 12.30 pm Ballroom B

Panel: Apparel Futures
Birce OzkanKristina Dimitrova · INTERLACEDKristin Neidlinger · SENSOREE, and  chaired by Val Vacante

December 2016 "Dream of Stars" group event curated by Writegracie & Singapore Contemporary Young Artists, The Goodmans Art Centre, Singapore 






November 2016 Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Demonstration and speaking engagement as part of E-Stitches. 



October 2016  YZen Group (Financial city heads) 

Speaking engagement and demonstration of my most recent project and discussion on VR at a day talk and dinner in a round table discussion with senior financial city executives. Presented 2 haptic wearables :  pneumatic and buzzing DMDE V1.1 and also an EMS armband controlled by conductive stretch fabric (from published material). http://www.zyen.com/now-and-zyen/1656-distributed-futures-forum-visualisation-and-reality-thames-sailing-barge-lady-daphne-3-october-2016.html

October 2016 Method Agency (Design agency) 

Demonstration and speaking engagement of my recent project.

Consultancy Projects

December 2017  Advocateur (Thought leading marketing agency) 

A deeper fashion journalistic piece on the Kings Road, photographs, writing, film. 

July 2016 Unit9  (Innovative production studio) 

Interactive book concept. Multi-component project. Tested a number of materials to be used with a variety of smart phone touch screens. Prototyped, tested and iterated from briefed concept. Sourced relevant supplier for final product delivery.  Created comprehensive documentation with recommendations of materials and construction for next stage development handover.