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VR Haptic Wearable + VR film Alienascent

Alienascent : VR Haptic Wearable + VR film - in development






Background R&D : Some Concepts & story developed at Politechnico di Milano & European Space Agency : Fashion in Orbit

An immersive VR Sci-Fi Experience - film & interactive garments.


Alienascent : being from another world ....(especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

This dress explores metamorphosis of the consciousness as well as the body when astronauts are exposed to new perspectives of the earth and society from space travel. It also questions if prolonged adaptability and mutation changes will constitute a new human species alien to the rest. 

This deep awe and wonder experienced by astronauts from this dislocated point when they first see the earth holding the rest of human society is somehow 'more human than human', Bladerunner.

This dress accommodates and eases the journey to the higher awareness using biosensors to monitor emotional changes and react to stress using emotion-regulation and feedback movement of the garment to simulate touch by warming and haptics through the graphene fabric, creating controlled buffering of exposure and adaptability. The belt/outer skirt is embroidered with magnetic threads and can be used to collect floating objects in micro-gravity as well as an extra cocoon layer. The hood of the gillet has strategically placed acoustic fabric. The patchwork design choice reflects a future of diminishing resource and consequently an aesthetic of reuse.


Multi-dimensional dress : The dress consists of a patchwork of textile as a result of  diminishing resources and increasing landfills which will lead to  mandatory reuse of materials but this will create unusual texture combinations and colour palettes. 

A pair of biosensors on the skin is to be embedded within the top and connected to the graphene fabric around the waist which would radiate slowly a comforting warmth in reaction to stress. It will also output changing glow of lights to show your fellow astronaut using the RGB changing jewel led badge which has retro aesthetic (Bladerunner neon reference) to create nostalgic electronics. The future concept would also sooth with haptics simulating familiar touch intensity/behaviour recorded from a loved one back on earth to reinstate sense-of-self and the dress would move to create familiar drape as an earth mode option.

Asteroid Belt  : The dress has an outer sculptural apron made of more structured fabric which can be taken off and placed on other parts to protect specific parts of the body from localised exposure of other elements and can even work as an extra hood or embroidered with magnetic thread to scoop objects floating in micro-gravity. 

Mobius Neck Sculpture with Hood : The Neck piece depicts the possibility of one side of the multiiverse touching the other side. The hood has acoustic controlling fabric to add to optional buffering of space noise and would change it's distance to the ears vary the external acoustics.

This outfit is part of a bigger experiential Virtual Reality story which I am currently developing which has already been selected to show at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Colombia in June.


Concept & Space Couture Wearables Creative Journey 

Politechnico di Milano & European Space Agency : Fashion in Orbit


The designs were developed to explore space technology concepts and apply them to on a practical level on earth. It consisted of a series of lectures followed by brainstorming ideas and design of the garment. My objective was to use this as research and development of real science to create future fiction and present in an immersive VR experience using wearables.

Moodboard Concept

Design Journey Week 3

Final Touches, Photoshoot, Lookbook & Presentation to the ESA

Design Journey Week 2

In the Fashion Lab, 3D design development and production support from Lucia, Alice, Carlotta and the team from Politechnico di Milano.

Design Journey week 1

Presentations, brainstorming and designing.

Presentations, brainstorming, concept development, moodboard, fabric choices.

Presentations - Space, Technology, Wearables 

Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quaquoro, Course Directors, Politecnico di Milano : Fashion in Orbit Project PresentationVeronica La Regina, Mercedes Sanchez Alvarez, European Space Agency : Space for Inspiration : Dress up a space mission  Josias Wacher, CSEM : Interfacing Garments and sensors in Wearables Miroko Anotnini, SpaceEXE : Principles of Wearable Electronics Design Invano Soliani, Soliani EMC : Conductive Textile in Evolution between Space and Fashion

Presentations - Fabric Sponsors  

Anna Barni : Colmar | Lorenzo Costanzo : Thermore | Federica Traviglia, Viola Crapuzzi : Alcantara | Umberto Rognoni, Sandro Cavriani : Coats Thread Italy | Annalisa Costantino : Omniapiega | Ettore Rossini : Extreme Materials | Sergio Alibrandi : Sitip Spa Industrie Tessill | Aldo Tempesti : TexClub Tex | Elisabetta Prosperpio : Luxury Jersey | Franco Caimi : Caimi Brevetti | Maurizio D'Amico : Limonata | Matteo D'Amico : Politecnico di Milano


Space Preparation  : The Wonders of Space Flight, Science Museum

Space is an extremely hostile environment for humans. But it is also a place of inspiration and discovery. 

How does prolonged weightlessness affect the body? What has medicine taught us about our adaptation to these conditions? Astronauts need regular meals and look forward to them but the experience of eating in space is radically different. How can we enhance the experience of space food to establish an emotional link with home. How well does simulation and training prepare astronauts for the experience of micro-gravity and how do our brains know which way is up, or where we are at any time? Are astronauts fundamentally changed as people by their experience of the earth from space?

Debate: The Ethics of One Way Space Travel Julian Baggini | Imaging and Imagining earth from space, and space from earth Professor Shaun Gallagher, Department of Philosophy University of Memphis | Simulation and Human Space Flight Professor Lauren Reinerman-Jones Director, Institute for Simulation and Training University of Central Florida | Action and Touch in Zero Gravity Professor Vincent Hayward, Neuroscience and Engineering Universite Pierre and Marie Curie and Centre for the Study of the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, University of London | Our Senses in Space Professor Ophelia Deroy, Philosophy and Neuroscience LMU, Germany and Centre for the Study of the Senses Institute of Philosophy, University of London | The Sense of Balance in Zero Gravity Professor Laurence Harris, Psychology & Kinesthesiology York University, Canada | The UK’s Space Mission Libby Jackson, Director of Human Space Flight UK Space Agency |Dinner in Space The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen Heston Blumenthal OBE Deniol Pritchard, researcher and chef Jay Taylor, Film maker, “Heston’s Dinner in Space